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4Sqr uses a method of task organization called the matrix management system and it basically involves categorizing your tasks into a set number of priority categories. It's not as simple as "high", "medium", and "low" priority though. You organize your tasks based on what you need to do with them. The categories are "critical and immediate", these are tasks that are important and due now, "critical and not immediate", these are tasks that are important and you should start planning now, "not critical or immediate", these are tasks that may be delegated or done during dead time, and then there's an "uncategorized" category that acts as the default.

4Sqr is entirely driven by javascript with a PHP backend. This allows for an intuitive interface that morphs to all screen sizes and environments. To create a new item simply click the icon in the bottem right of the uncategorized inbox square and enter in your details. To change its category simply drag and drop. Editting, deleting, and viewing details is just a simple click of the item. You can create new 4Sqrs with the top right drop down menu, as well as delete them. To edit a 4Sqr name simply click on the title at the top.


My TODO list:

sorted by priority and automatically generated from the actual 4Sqr that I keep

Critical and Immediate

  1. make a post about 4sqr (yes, another one!)
  2. refactor
  3. less alert boxes!
  4. get rid of ugly scrollbars, css maybe?
  5. little notes notifier on main 4sqr item box to make it obvious that we've thought about this a little more
  6. animations

Critical and Not Immediate

  1. due dates cause bug if they aren't deactivated after the due date has passed
  2. fix alert box when you make account for first time
  3. check boxes to indicate you are done with a task!
  4. make text wrap around before hitting where the delete button is, that way it doesn't jump

Not Critical or Immediate

  1. use for email
  2. auto schedule and reminders
  3. automatically delete tasks that are named "default name"
  4. make popups instant when you click on an item, and display loading thing
  5. keep history (archive button instead of delete button)
  6. recurring
  7. make mobile version
  8. 4sqrs have different view settings, each view gives more or less detail about items
  9. make it so you can change color schemes
  10. set parent 4sqr priority by dragging and dropping
  11. priority view for 4sqrs, just lists them as they are and highlights them accordingly
  12. error handling
  13. make tiny sidebar on right side, that can popup for 4sqr tree!

Uncategorized Inbox (mostly fleeting ideas)

  1. each sqr has new item button that shows on hover
  2. main page where you can easily view all pending tasks from all 4sqrs
  3. change opacity based on position in individual 4sqr (except inbox)
  4. 4sqr categories
  5. link items and 4sqrs